Automobile Insurance

Routine trips to work or vacation time up at the cottage, making sure you're covered wherever you go.

Having the right insurance plan that fits your driving needs and budget is crucial to running your daily errands knowing you’ll be protected from damages.

Coverage is extremely important. Our personalized plans will be able to help you in the following areas :

  • Third Party Liability
  • Statutory Accident benefits including the June 1, 2016 optional increased Accident Benefits which are crucial to protect you and your family.  Options include increased medical, rehabilitation and attendant care, increased income replacement, dependant, caregiver, housekeeping and home maintenance, increased death and funeral and indexation.
  • Physical damage coverage includes All Perils, Collision and Comprehensive
  • Accident forgiveness
  • Limited Waiver of Depreciation for new vehicles
  • Loss of use, Non-Owned Automobile and Family Protection

Automobile insurance premiums are based on your age, gender, marital status, driving record, experience, type of vehicle, territory, vehicle usage, coverage and discounts.

We also offer coverage to high risk drivers with :

  • Cancellations for non-payment
  • Accidents
  • Traffic violations
  • Non-disclosure

Our goal is to move a high risk driver to the regular market as soon as they are eligible in order to reduce the premiums.

We also offer coverage for vehicles used in Transportation Network and Acceptable Vehicle Sharing Network.  Both of these vehicle uses require additional coverage and underwriting approval.

  • NPCF 6U – Permission to Participate in an Insured Transportation Network. (Uber/Lyft)
  • NPCF 5S – Permission to Participate in a Vehicle Sharing System. (Turo/ShiftRide)

Let our brokerage find an automobile insurance plan that suits your needs with the best coverage and afforable rates.

Savings Tips:

  • Bundle your property and automobile insurance together
  • Intact Insurance offers my Driving Discount.  my Driving Discount is Intact’s insurance usage-based insurance program that rewards safe driving behavior.  The program offers a personalized discount by using an app to access driving habits (such as hard braking, rapid acceleration, time of day, distracted driving, fast turns and more).  There is an initial 5 % enrolment discounts with a chance to save up to 30 % of your car insurance based on your safe driving habits
  • Winter tires discount
  • Seniors/Retiree discount
  • Graduated Licensing discount for new drivers
  • Loyal customers may receive a discount when you renew your policy
  • Pay your premiums in full – some insurers offer a small discount when you pay in full
  • Family multi-vehicle discount
  • Driver training discount
  • University discount – when your children are away at college or university