Are You Prepared To Open Your Cottage This Spring?

21 Jun 2018

Since spring has arrived, many cottage owners are sure to be excited to be able to open their seasonal home finally. But whether you’ve been opening your cottage for years, or this is your first time, it’s important to be prepared before you pull up. Nothing is worse than driving a few hours only to remember that you forgot to do or bring something crucial to making your first weekend back more comfortable. With that being said, there are a few key things you should think about before you leave.

Pack The Essentials With You

Before you head out on the road, make sure you’re prepared by packing all of the essentials. Whether its food, cleaning supplies, or equipment, it’s always better to be over-prepared than underprepared. If your seasonal home is far from towns or grocery stores, you know that nothing is worse than trying to find the right supplies for your cottage last minute.

Cleaning Supplies

Since most cottages are closed during the winter months, it’s safe to assume that you’ll have some major cleaning to do when you first arrive. And with this being said, it’s essential that you have the right cleaning supplies to complete the job. If no one has been maintaining the building since the fall, there could be a lot of dust or dirt, and animals or critters could have even found their way into your dwelling. So before you load up the car, make sure you have the right tools and supplies to sweep, dust and disinfect each room properly. It’s also a good idea to bring clean linens, dish rags or blankets to switch out with any that were not correctly stored over the winter months. It’s not uncommon for insects or rodents to use these as a place to sleep or for their nest.

Food And Drinks

If you’re visiting your seasonal home for the first time, it’s safe to assume that there will be very little food leftover from the previous cottage season, if any. So before you leave, it’s important that you bring enough food and water to last you throughout your entire stay. Your first weekend back may also be a great time to start replenishing any household supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels or condiments that you’ll need for the upcoming season. Remember, it’s better to bring too much than too little as it can be hard to purchase food and supplies if your cottage isn’t located near a town.

Must-Have Equipment

Every year, when you’re first opening your cottage, you should always take the time to survey your property as well as the building itself to see if any upgrades or repairs need to be done. But to complete any repairs, you need to have the right tools and equipment. So before you drive up to your cottage, it’s a good idea to review what you may need and whether you have it at your cottage from previous seasons. This includes not only your toolbox for making repairs, but gardening tools in case you have to clear debris after the weather we had over the winter months. When in doubt about whether you have a tool you may need, bring it from home. Your first weekend back will be much more comfortable if you’re able to upkeep the space properly. 

Make Sure Your Services Are Turned On

In the upcoming days before you open your cottage, it’s important to call all of your service providers to reconnect your services before you arrive. This not only includes the electricity, propane, and water, but any phone, internet or television services that you may have as well. While some services are more important to have than others, it’s always nice to have everything reconnected at once rather than having it staggered throughout your stay.

Your Insurance

In the upcoming weeks, before you plan on opening your cottage, it’s essential that you call your insurance broker to confirm that your seasonal property, recreational vehicle or boat is insured correctly to fit your needs. Not having the appropriate insurance can result in yourself being financially liable for any damages or injuries that happen. At this time you should also review your insurance policies in case your needs have changed over the winter months. This could include renovations to your cottage, or new boats and recreational vehicles. When in doubt, contact Waters Insurance to discuss your policy as well as your insurance needs so you can rest easy this summer knowing you’re protected.